The Location

Looking at other photographer’s work i discovered this place from Scotland called Durdle Door and then i realized that i’ve seen something similar on Crete island….

It was actually next to a road that i was passing every week and you could see this rock only from a specific angle.

Kamarola Beach is located on north-east side of Rethymno, approximately a 20-minute drive from the town. The beach is very small and private with fine crystal clear blue waters, fine sand and pebbles. The beach is surrounded by rocks which provide plenty of shade on a sunny day. Access to the beach can only happen with a boat via the sea.

Location on Google Maps:

Taking the image

Anyway…. next time i passed the place i was lucky enough to have this epic sunset.

The camera settings i used: 0.8 sec. | f/16 | iso 50 | 14mm

Camera: A7RII

Lens: 12-24 f.4 G Lens

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