The Location

The famous lagoon of Balos is located approximately 56km northwest of Chania and 17km northwest of Kissamos, formed between the Cape Gramvousa and the small Cape Tigani and below the range of Platiskinos. Balos is surely the mostly photographed beach in Crete, a very favorite subject of all tourist guides for Greece. It is no coincidence that Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited Balos with their private yacht many years ago.

Location on Google Maps:

To be able to get to a good vantage point i had to do a 30min. hike as you can see in the image below.

Taking the image

During the summer season in Crete is hard to see any clouds on the sky so you have to keep this in mind if you are going to go and photograph this place. I choose to do a sunset because i was located on the other side of the island at about 5h drive.

The place is also very good for drone shots but you need to be really brave to send your drone a bit far over the sea. It is very windy in this area and i didn’t want to risk of loosing my Phantom 4 Pro there… I heard from the locals that you might have few days with no wind over the year and this is sometime in august.

The camera settings i used: 1/8 sec. | f.11 | iso 50

Camera: A7RII

Lens: 12-24 f.4 G Lens

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